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Most Compact Massage Gun on the Planet

Muscle Massage Gun

Relxbit, Mini facial gun massager, the most portable massage guns brand.

Faster recovery for myofascial trigger points and muscles sore from poor posture and exercise.

Relxbit Mini Massage Gun

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Massager Gun

Body Massager

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Back Massager

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Handheld Massager

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Electric Massager

mini percussion massager

Compact, Powerful, Quiet Back Massager

137mm, 490g, 1.1lbs

High-torque motor up to 3,500 beats per minute, advanced noise reduction technology quiet as 45DB

Pack in carry case, get your Relxbit handheld massager anytime anywhere, Gym, Airport, Long Driving, Daily Office

USB Charging Percussion Massager

USB – Type C Port

1-4 Adjustable Mode with one button only, Relxbit handheld massager has the minimalist design

10 Hours Battery Life per 4.5h Charging, adjustable speed for maximum results in minimum time

percussion massage gun
percussion massager gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun 

muscle gun massager

Smart Muscle Massager Gun

muscle massager gun

Endurance Electric Massager

back massage gun

Quiet Massage Machine

Relxbit Pro Massage Gun

Stronger Power Massage Gun

3 Gears in 1 Button: 1800-3200 rpm high-frequency vibration, penetrates 15mm deep muscle group, relaxing tight and stiff muscle from the inside out

7 Hours Battery Life per 2.5h Charge – Ideal for professionals seeking to implement percussion and vibration therapy into their daily treatment regimens

7h – 1st Gear Mode – 1800rpm – Muscle activation
5.5h – 2nd Gear Mode- 2400 rpm – Fascia relaxation
4h – 3rd Gear Mode – 3200 rpm – Depth massage

Smarter, Quieter Deep Tissue Massager

45DB – Super Quite Vibration Technology

41 mm – Ergonomic Handle: No matter your age, your size or your sport, the Relxbit Pro provides professional-quality therapeutic relief for your muscles

0.8 Kg – Lighter Weight: The combination of ultra-light glass fiber with a lighter motor, comes to a better energy saving massage solution

Relxbit Pro therapy gun

Relxbit Motivation

  • Helping every fitness enthusiast and even the average person heal from pain in the back, shoulder, knee, calve, glutes, etc.
  • Rejuvenating the muscles and healing delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Developing and providing you with quality tools that will help with your muscle rehabilitation
  • Supporting your convenience at all times by developing portable tools that can be carried around and used anywhere
  • Delivering trusted health and fitness information

Relxbit Pro

USB Charging

Portable Massage Tool

Best Massage Gun Gadgets 

Relxbit Massage Gun Reviews

Hear what our customers say

I’ve used high end ones that friends had. This one is actually better in my opinion. I say better because the batter last longer and charges fast then the $2-300 ones I’ve used.
Power is about the same when compared to the expensive ones.


Verified Purchase

Comes in a nice case so you don,t lose the various heads. Very solid machine and good quality for the price. Still trying all the various speeds but so far the mid range is sufficient for a female body. Used the mid head around top of knees and found that also provide relief from arthritis pain. Simple to use and has a great battery life. Would definitely recommend this.


Verified Purchase

This is pretty neat massage device. Not as expensive as some, but works just as good. Has many different heads for different parts of the body massage. It is a little heavy, but that means it is built to last. You won’t be disappointed.

Ryan Susnowitz

Verified Purchase