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  • Relxbit PRO Body Massager

    Hi-Tech Massage Machine

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  • Relxbit Mini Percussion Massager

    Most compact on the planet

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  • MINI WalkingPad R1 PRO

    Light, Ultra-thin & Quiet

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  • Relxbit Rope Trainer Machine

    Make Your Home Workout a Habit

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Compact, Powerful, Quiet Back Massager

137mm, 490g, 1.1lbs

High-torque motor up to 3,500 beats per minute, advanced noise reduction technology quiet as 45DB

Pack in carry case, get your Relxbit handheld massager anytime anywhere, Gym, Airport, Long Driving, Daily Office

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Super Easy Charging Percussion Massager

USB - Type C Port

1-4 Adjustable Mode with one button only, Relxbit handheld massager has the minimalist design

10 Hours Battery Life per 4.5h Charging, adjustable speed for maximum results in minimum time

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Stronger Power Massage Gun

Relxbit Handheld Massager, the Professional Grade

3 Gears in 1 Button: 1800-3200 rpm high-frequency vibration, penetrates 15mm deep muscle group, relaxing tight and stiff muscle from the inside out

7 Hours Battery Life per 2.5h Charge - Ideal for professionals seeking to implement percussion and vibration therapy into their daily treatment regimens

7h – 1st Gear Mode - 1800rpm - Muscle activation

5.5h – 2nd Gear Mode- 2400 rpm – Fascia relaxation

4h – 3rd Gear Mode - 3200 rpm – Depth massage

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Smarter, Quieter Deep Tissue Massager

45DB – Super Quite Vibration Technology

41 mm - Ergonomic Handle: No matter your age, your size or your sport, the Relxbit Pro provides professional-quality therapeutic relief for your muscles

0.8 Kg - Lighter Weight: The combination of ultra-light glass fiber with a lighter motor, comes to a better energy saving massage solution

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