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Massage Gun Therapy Benefits

Massage Gun Therapy Benefits

June 16, 2021

Everything you need to know about massage guns

You might already know this intuitively that the best method to recover from muscle soreness is to exercise in the next two days, or even just doing light warm-ups, the worst method for recovering is setting the next 48 hours after doing an intense physical activity. The reason is that to recover your muscles you need blood flowing efficiently through the affected area. Blood carries all the nutrients that your muscles need, and it is the best thing for your muscles to recover in long term.
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Don't be afraid to get to know the massage gun. Because it won't just be a passing trend. Over the past three years, more and more people have found that it is beneficial for muscle regeneration when more blood flows through them. As a corollary, several methods have become popular to do just that. This ranged from foam rollers to vibration therapies or even quite ordinary massages that found their way into fitness studios. Some massage guns look and sound a little like an electric tool used in clinic. But rest assured - this is the best way to recover from a strenuous workout. And not only that: The massage gun can also accelerate or even replace the warm-up before exercise. 

Why professionals rely on massage guns

Sometimes you're in so much pain that you can't even move to warm up properly, for example, you did too much sandbag exercises that lower back was killing you the next morning, in other words the range of motion you normally have with your joints has been shortened. To help you move like a proper human being before a workout, try to use the favorite tool by the most - massage gun. They decrease the pain and are very helpful to start a workout or even relax a little bit before going to bed.
NBA star Kyrie Irving is possibly the most famous among them. The story behind it was remembered: It was the NBA Finals in 2017, when Irving was injured on his back in a critical game. His therapist trainer, who treated him with a massage gun and thus helped him from recover.
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But it's not just athletes who use devices like this to keep their bodies in top shape. It can also be used as a preventative therapy. 

If you train hard and always want to recover quickly so that you can train even harder, this device should be considered.

When do you use a massage gun? 

Physical benefits of massage and myotherapy

  • Pain treatment - especially in the case of muscle hardness, sore muscles, trigger points and tension in the back and neck
  • Accelerate muscle recovery time after a workout
  • Improved blood flow to the muscle tissue
  • Improve mobility and agility
  • Optimizing muscle elasticity
  • Dissolution of lactate and scar tissue
  • Lowering the cortisol level through a relaxing massage
  • Independent application possible on most parts of the body

Before workout 

The Massage Guns were created primarily for recover from muscle soreness or tension, but you can also use them for warming up. The good thing is that you can save yourself moving on the foam roller.

In theory, percussive therapy does several things when you warm up. First, it increases blood flow in the targeted muscles. Second, the pulsation speaks to the sympathetic nervous system. The device prepares you for physical activities.

When using the portable electric gun primarily for a workout, aim at the muscle group that you want to exercise. For example, if you want to bench press, treat your pectoral muscles (this is the chest muscles), or if you want to do shoulder pulling exercises, massage the latissimus (the broad back muscle). Just invest 30 seconds and work your way up the muscle, but avoid massaging joints. Stay on the thickest part of the muscle. Always work your way back and forth along the muscles.

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During workout 

You can also benefit from the advantages of the massage guns between the individual sets. You can do this by relieving built-up tension or loosening tight areas. This will loosen you up for the next practice set. For example, if you feel your chest tighten after a set of bench presses, you would most like to do a stretch. But be careful. Research has shown that static stretching of a muscle can decrease the potential for strength exertion. Instead, you should hold your massage gun on the muscle group that feels tense for just 15 seconds that should increase blood flow and relax the muscle. So he's ready for the rest of the workout. 

After workout 

When you've finished your workout, your body is in - let's call it - an excited condition. The theory says that the massage gun can help calm the nervous system down again. The sooner you fire up your parasympathetic nervous system, the sooner you will calm and relax the muscles again, the faster your body will go back into recovery mode. 

To use the Massage Gun here - turn it on and spend 90 to 120 seconds sliding up and down each muscle group. But the tip again: stay on the muscle cord and avoid being close to the joints. This helps relax the muscles. 

What is the Best Massage Gun 2021? 

We tested several major brands body massager in market. The better the motor, the lower the noise; Plastic body usually comes with big size and noise. The company Relxbit offered the most compact massage gun by far. Since there is a product that we already tested and we could potentially recommend it. It is small and feels solid, like it is really well made and yet it's not as heavy as other massage guns.
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Power or Punch Frequency
Usually percussion massager has the most 4 gears, and Percussive Frequency from 1800rpm to 3200 rpm, 15mm deep muscle groups, while theragun G3pro has 2 levels from 1740rpm to 2400rpm; hypervolt 3 levels from 1800rpm to 3180rpm; Timtam has only 1 gear 2500rpm. Careful with the noise if you'd like be watching TV and massaging your legs at the same time
The quality of the battery is directly related to the usage life of the product. The two key factors is the consistency of battery cell and discharge rate. And the capacity leads to durable time when enjoy your home massage. Charge for 2 h and keep working for 6 hours, standby for 30 days should be fair enough for smooth recovering experience.
Also the charging method matters as well, if you have difficulty to find a wall socket, try the USB charging Mini Massage gun, you could charge it with the USB type-c cable anywhere anytime, like portable battery bank, or laptop, or car charger, would save a lot effort.
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Size & Weight
Balance between power and size, this seems to be driven by the fact that more and more people just want something they can carry around easily and also use comfortably at the gym, in the office, or on a hiking trip. You can take it anywhere and you wouldn't probably do the same on big boy massage guns.
Most electric handheld massagers cost between $60 and $350 (Comparison Review). The Hyperice Hypervolt massage pistol was very popular, but you have to dig deeper into your wallet. Whether it is justified remains questionable. Or is there any other options? I would be very suspect of guns in the $ 100 range. Because as the saying goes: "If you buy cheap, you buy twice."
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Attachments & Carry Bag
Carry bag which makes the whole thing easier to pack when you on a go.

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