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Theragun, Hypervolt, TimTam -The Best Alternative Massage Guns for Less Money 2020

Theragun, Hypervolt, TimTam -The Best Alternative Massage Guns for Less Money 2020

March 16, 2020

Theragun, Hypervolt, TimTam -The Best Alternative Massage Guns for Less Money 2020

Is the massage gun a new "weapon" against muscle tightness or painful tension – stiff neck and sore muscle?

The electrically operated handheld massager also known as a percussion massage gun or percussion massager, people who exercise regularly, seeking a massage therapy for pre-workout warm-up and post-workout recovery, or sit a lot and work in an office chair everyday, suffering from neck or back problems, massage guns can be a lifesaver to fix that just from the comfort of your own home.

And physiotherapists and sports doctors often use electrical vibration massagers as therapy tool, which work on the same principle, powerful and effective.

Therapist use massage gun

What is a massage gun for?

The benefits of Massage Gun include:

Offers more pressure and speed than traditional massages, Relaxing muscle tightness, Quickly and efficiently helping release fascia

Increasing circulation / blood flow to the affected areas, Improve lactic acid clearance to prevent fatigue

Time saving, Accelerating muscle recovery, muscle repair and the healing process, Assist in improving range of motion

Saving money, Health-promoting measure also in long run, Easing pain associated with soft tissue damage, Enhancing muscle responsiveness

Decreasing the occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness, Help activate muscles before performing in sport and workouts

Compact size for on the go or on vacation when traveling, using anywhere in private and anytime

Who is a massage gun for?

A percussion facial gun or massage gun is very useful for anyone who has sore muscles, muscle tension or pain due to muscle cramps or scar tissue.

Athletes can benefit from a massage gun after a hard workout. If your muscles have any type of tension that you want to work through, this can be a useful part of your pre-post-workout routine.

Sports star use massage recovery tool

Office man, for those with back pain, a massage gun can be a very intense tool for daily relief and therapy. If you are currently seeing a therapist for back pain, you should check online first about any hi-tech weapon for your specific muscle tension.

Therapist, personal trainer, even truck driver, massage guns aim to fix muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness after exercise and physical fitness.

How do massage pistols work?

With massage guns you can target specific muscles and apply certain massage techniques, e.g. B. deep tissue massage and sports massage, they simultaneously increase lymph flow and reduce lactic acid. When you apply more pressure, you should feel your tension relax as complex knots and tensions dissolve.

Every brand massage guns have different speeds and attachments. You can use a cone attachment to localize areas in smaller muscle groups, e.g. B. with feet or wrists. You can simply choose the right head, turn on the gun and set the desired speed, then press on the muscle group to reduce tension. This is a good idea if you have very sensitive and painful areas with tension that you want to relieve slowly.

Relxbit Pro massage gun

5 Important features that must be considered before buying one

Below some basic information, hints and tips about the massage gun, application, what to consider. Most electric massage tools differ in:

Speed ​​and Power(beats per minute): You don't want a massager that is too slow, but you also don't want a massager to beat you up. For this reason, it is best to have multiple speed settings.

Versatility and Portability: If you want to enjoy a decent massage besides home, charging and portability would be essential before deciding to pack it in your bag.

mini massage gun with travel bag

Attachments and accessories: With multiple attachments, you can target different muscles and apply different pressures as evenly or deliberately as you like.

Battery Life: The standard for today's massagers is a lithium-ion battery. This should take several hours. The battery duration depends on the speed settings used and individual massage sessions. Besides, you may hate wires and cables dangling all over the place, or desperate to find a particular adaptor to recharge.

Noise Level: If you want to bring your massage gun to the gym or office, you should first consider the noise level. Some are certainly too loud to be used in public, like a jigsaw, there are some that are quiet enough to be used anywhere.

10 dB: Normal breathing / 20 dB: Whispering from five feet away

30 dB: Whispering nearby / 40 dB: Quiet library sounds

50 dB: Refrigerator / 60 dB: Electric toothbrush

70 dB: Washing machine / 80 dB: Alarm clock

90 dB: Subway train / 100 dB: Factory machinery

110 dB: Car horn / 120 dB: Ambulance siren

Before entering pass code, you should ask the below questions:

1. How fast is it, how high are the percussion per minute (PPM or RPM)?

Relxbit Mini: 4 gears from 1400 to 3200 rpm

Relxbit Pro: 3 gears from 1800 to 3200 rpm

2. How much torque or pressure can the tool exert on the body?

Relxbit Mini: 45 lbs force, reach 10mm deep muscle group

Relxbit Pro: 60 lbs force, reach 15mm deep muscle group

3. Is the price worth the performance and equipment?

Relxbit Mini: $199 with $50 off, 24 month warranty (Coupon: Relxbit$50off)

Relxbit Pro: $229 with $50 off, 24 month warranty (Coupon: Relxbit$50off)

TheraGun G3 Pro: $399

Hypervolt Plus: $449

TimTam: $299

4. Does it look easy to use or recharge?

Relxbit Mini & Pro, 3-4 gears with 1 button control, Relxbit Mini charge via USB port, such as power bank, laptop, Car charger

5. How long does battery last?

Relxbit Mini: (2900mAh)

8hours– 1st Gear Mode - 1400rpm - Muscle activation

6.5hours – 2nd Gear Mode- 1800 rpm – Fascia relaxation

5hours – 3rd Gear Mode - 2400 rpm – Depth massage

4hours – 4th Gear Mode - 3200 rpm – Professional massage

Relxbit Pro:

7hours– 1st Gear Mode - 1800rpm - Muscle activation

5.5hours – 2nd Gear Mode- 2400 rpm – Fascia relaxation

4hours – 3rd Gear Mode - 3200 rpm – Depth massage

6. Which head should you use?

Ball Head: Large Muscle Groups like Arms, Back, Hips etc

Bullet Head: For Joints, Deep Tissue, Palm and Trigger Points

Flat Head: All Whole Body Muscle relaxation

Fork Head: For Neck, Spine and Achilles tendon

therapy gun

7. How long or often should I use my massage gun

Shoulder muscles: 15-20s x 3

Chest muscles: 30s

Back Muscles: 30-1min x 3

Gluteus Maximus: 30-1min x 4

Leg Muscles: 20-30s x 3

Calf Muscles: 30s x 3

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