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5 things you need to know before buying a massage gun

5 things you need to know before buying a massage gun

February 04, 2020

5 things you need to know before buying a massage gun

  1. What is a massage gun?

The massage gun is an electric, battery-operated, hand-held massager that uses deep, powerful beats to perform a deep massage for muscle groups and percussion, even weight loss and fat burning. The reason for the name "massage gun" lies in the shape. Visually, similar to a pistol.

Massage guns massage pistol

  1. Why massage therapy being popular, How it works?

Many fitness enthusiast seeking perfect hi-tech electric tool to recover fast instead of fully planned blend of physical manipulation and nutrition. A massage pistol equipped a hi-speed brush-less motor exerts quick, direct and strong percussion on a specific muscle group or region of the body, to solve deep tissue and sore muscle problems and to speed up the recovery time before or after an intensive workout.

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Who's using massage gun

  1. Do I need the other person to massage?

Due to its handy shape, the electric vibration massager can be used by hand to relieve muscle tension and to balance muscular imbalances in the body. So could be one hand and all by yourself.

  1. Who’s using?

Fitness Enthusiast, Athlete: Muscle Awakening, Fascia Relaxation, Obliterates lactic acid, Due to the numerous benefits on relaxation and recover, the massage gun is now widely used by many sports star, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving etc

Personal trainer, Therapist: Treatment with a massage gun is comparable to trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage or percussive massage, especially physiotherapists and chiropractors in patient treatment.

Office man, Household lady, Long drive, with stiff neck, lower back pain etc

how to speed up sore muscle recovery

  1. What to look for in a percussive massage gun? (“Be prepared to spend at least $ 150 to $ 350 for a quality product, "said by Pham, a physical therapist, certified personal trainer and the owner of Paceline Physical Therapy in Franklin." I would be very suspect of guns in the $ 100 range. ")

Speed and powerThese are definitely the two most important factors. Everyone's pain tolerance and massage preferences are different, but anyone can benefit from a massager with at least two settings: one being less intense so you can still use the gun on very sore muscles where you are experiencing muscle tension or pain. The other one being strong enough to reach deep percussion recover.

PortabilityIf you're going to travel with a massage gun, you'll want one that can easily packed into a bag or suitcase, or can easily been recharged whenever you got a spare minute.

Portable Massage gun

Attachments and accessories:  If you'll only use it on your particular muscle groups, such as back and legs, you probably don't need many heads. But if you intend to use it on specific areas or trigger points, such as the arch of your foot or your neck, you'd benefit from vary optional heads.

Battery life: As with all electronics - the longer the battery lasts, the better. What’s more, you may hate wires and cables dangling all over the place, or desperately to find a particular adaptor when you need to recharge.

Cost: For sure, we all want to look for a cost effective therapeutic massager device within our budget. Never overpay for highest price nor pay for a piece of junk

Massage gun models compare

  1. Other proven tips to speed up muscle recovery

Get a Good Night's Sleep.

Take a Ice Baths If Needed.

Drink Lots of Fluids and Hydrate.

Focus on Your Protein Intake.

Get a Thai Massage

Stretch Every Day & Plan Your Rest Days Accordingly.


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