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January 08, 2020

Tips to help your body recover from muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness after exercise and physical fitness


Do not let the feeling of pain make you leave your training for another time. After testing your body's limits, the faster you recover, the sooner you can back in shape and ready to get going. A well recovered body is much more resistant. the probability of injury is much lower. In fact, in the period of time after training is when the body's performance is improved. The bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Workout recovery

TIPS TO RECOVER FASTER (How to choose a fine tool?)

Back to Calm & Do Stretches

We should finish workout with an easy short stretches to loose tense muscles, it has a relaxing effect on the mind and body, which supports and accelerates the regeneration process.

Cold Bath

A cold water bath reduces blood circulation in the muscles and slows internal bleeding. The easiest way is to fill the bathtub with water at a temperature of 8 ° C. Stay 5 minutes and let your body go into heat.

cold bath recovery

Balanced Diet - Food

The body needs energy to recover, so refill your reserves when you have finished training, Eat foods high in protein and some fruit or vegetables half an hour after each workout. Try fish such as tuna and salmon, nuts and seeds, and lean cuts of beef.


For sure, sleep is the easiest and most effective method to recover. When you sleep your body repairs itself. They don't necessarily have to be 8 hours. You just have to make it is a very deep dream!

Your training should be hard, of course. To someone who wants something, something costs. But you should never ignore what your body tells you, when to workout hard, when to recover fast.

-Is there any way to relax and recover faster instead of fully planned blend of physical manipulation and nutrition?

-Is there something easier about using high-tech recovery tools to find the best ways? how is it works? click

best massage gun

Not all of these newfangled fitness products have science on their side (yet), but one tool definitely does the job: massage guns!

A Massage Gun That Will Make Relax and Recover Easier Than Ever


Muscle Awakening & Warm Up

Increases circulation and lymphatic flow through the targeted area for faster recovery and better performance with less injury, favorite golf gadgets for professionals

Fascia Relaxation

Helps release knots, relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, cramps, and stiffness for faster recovery and less down downtime


Obliterates lactic acid in your muscle to reduce pain, soreness and inflammation, drives nutrients and fresh blood into the muscle

【4 Replaceable Massage Heads 】Relxbit massager is equipped with four different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax any muscle or body part soonest.

Ball Head: Large Muscle Groups like Arms, Back, Hips etc

Bullet Head: For Joints, Deep Tissue, Palm and Trigger Points

Flat Head: All Whole Body Muscle relaxation

Fork Head: For Neck, Spine and Achilles tendon

【1-4 adjustable speed mode with one button only】Every muscle is different in shape, size, function. Vary pulse frequency (BPM)/Freq(Hz) from 1500/25 to 3200/55 per minute help the user  recover every deep tissue, increased circulation and mobility

【Super Quiet】Advanced quite glide noise reduction technology, brings whisper quiet comparing to other massage guns at full speed.

quite massage gun

【Portability】137mm, 790g, Aerospace-Grade Aluminum, Ergonomic design, allows maximum comfort of relaxation with one hand operation. Perfect smart massage tool

【6 Hrs Battery Life +3 hrs battery charge time】

USB to Type-C port, grab a power bank or adapter, charge your device anytime, enjoy your personal massage anywhere

Best therapy tool ever to fix muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness after exercise and physical fitness!

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