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Top 10 Questions about Massage Gun

Top 10 Questions about Massage Gun

July 09, 2020

Top 10 Questions about Massage Gun

The percussion massager in the USA has almost become part of the basic equipment among sports athletes, naturopaths, cycling, climbing etc, it is finally gaining ground European countries overnight. Not without reason, because the deep tissue massager offers users options that were sometimes not possible with any previous body massager devices.

You can find out what benefits it offers, where to buy the handheld massage guns and how to use! Are you also looking for a massage gun reviews? Here you will find informative which is the best massage gun tests and comparisons!

1. What is a muscle massage gun?

what is massage gun

The percussion massager is an electric, mostly battery-operated hand-held massager that uses deep, powerful impacts to perform a deep massage on the muscle groups, soft tissue etc. Furthermore, there are many other terms: massage gun, fascia gun, back massager, handheld vibration massager and electric massager. All sorts of words for a fairly new massage machine.

The electric massager exert quick, direct and strong beats on a selected muscle group or region of the body. The goal is to solve deep tissue and muscle problems and to shorten the recovery time of sole muscle before or after an intensive workout. This massage machine also improves mobility by loosening the tight muscle group and also promotes blood circulation to the muscles. Treatment with a body massager is therefore comparable to trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage or percussive massage.

Due to its handy shape, the electric back massager can be operated by one hand only to relieve muscle tension and to balance muscular imbalances in the body. So there is no need for a second person to use the massage pistol. 

Due to the numerous benefits, this body massager is now used by many alternative practitioners, especially physiotherapists and chiropractors in patient treatment.

2. Why is a massage gun popular?

Published by Wellness Creative Co on July 1, 2020:

  • In the USA, there were more than 6 billion gym visits to 41,370 facilities in 2019 (this excludes hotel gyms) [IHRSA 2020].
  • The U.S. health club industry serves 71.5 million consumers [IHRSA 2019].
  • In the UK there are over 7,200 gyms and the market value is just under £5 billion [Leisure Database 2019].
  • The number of people with a fitness studio membership in Germany in 2019 was 11.66 million.

While unfortunately, the number of back complaints is increasing continuously. 

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.

Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country.

Low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year8—add in lost wages and decreased productivity and that figure easily rises to more than $100 billion.

No wonder that massage machine are so popular. On the one hand, body massager support the muscles during fitness training or sports or daily job. On the other hand, massage guns release muscle hardening, tension and help especially with back and neck pain.

back pain problem

3. How massage guns benefits?

  • Promotes blood circulation to the muscles!
  • Reduces the acidity of the muscles!
  • Accelerates muscle regeneration!
  • Has a positive effect on muscle growth!
  • Effectively removes muscle tension & trigger points!

The deep tissue massager has numerous advantages that benefit sports athletes, fitness athletes and also people with back problems. Below are key arguments as to why buying a massage gun makes sense:

  • Independent use possible on most parts of the body
  • Fast relaxation - just a few minutes are enough to relax the muscles
  • Compact and light - can be on the go anytime
  • Pain treatment - especially for muscle hardness, sore muscles, trigger points and tension in the back and neck
  • Accelerate muscle recovery time after a workout
  • Improved blood flow to the muscle tissue
  • Improve mobility and agility
  • Optimizing muscle elasticity
  • Dissolution of lactate and scar tissue

As you can see, the percussion massager offers a lot of convenient health benefits that were not possible with previous massage machine. Furthermore, due to its practical size and the included, powerful batteries, the portable Massage Guns are very easy to use and durable. For this reason, finding the best massage gun is a sensible investment in your own body.

electric massager

4. What to look when buying a massage gun?

There are numerous brand & shape percussion massager in market, most electric massager cost between $60 and $350 (Comparison Review). The Hyperice Hypervolt massage machine was very popular, but you have to dig deeper into your wallet. Whether it is worth your bill remains questionable. Or is there any hypervolt alternative? I would be very suspect of guns in the $ 100 range. Because as the saying goes: "If you buy cheap, you buy twice."

  • Battery life like all electronics gadgets
  • Number of massage attachments
  • Number of intensity levels
  • Maximum speed or repetition rate
  • Is a carry bag included?
  • Portability of the massage gun
  • Amplitude in millimeters or the depth of the head
  • Weight of the hand massager
Massage gun review

Relxbit Mini vs. Hypervolt - Massage Gun

Hyperice Hypervolt & Relxbit Mini in a direct comparison. To watch massage gun reviews below!

Relxbit Mini vs. Theragun - Massage Gun

Relxbit Mini VS TheraGun VS OPOVE M3 Pro comparison. To watch massage gun reviews below!

5. How is the massage gun used?(click)

The percussion massager is used to treat deep muscles. It is therefore important to avoid beats against bones or injured muscles when using this body massager. Otherwise, this can lead to unwanted pain.

The positive thing about massage guns is that it can be used independently for easily accessible muscle regions such as the chest, arms or legs. So it is not absolutely necessary that another partner is helpful. Only for the treatment of hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the back muscles, is it advisable to ask the partner for help.

Depending on the muscle area to be treated, the versatile massage heads should be used. The ball or flat attachment is suitable for general whole-body treatment. The fork attachment is ideal for treating the back, calf or thigh. For deep-seated pain on the shoulder blades or for the treatment of trigger points, the tapered ball attachment should be used. (which head to use)

how to use a massage gun

6. When should the fascia gun be used?

The massage guns can be used both before and after training. But even users who do not train at all will get their money's worth with a electric massager. This massage machine has different effects depending on when you use it.

-Massage gun application before training

Before training, you can use the massage pistol to warm up muscles for the upcoming workout. If, for example, you split your training sessions, it is advisable to treat the corresponding muscle area before the session.

For example, you plan to exercise your chest and biceps that day. Then apply the body massager to these two muscle groups for approx. 30 - 90 seconds . This will bleed and loosen the muscles so that you can get everything out of your chest and biceps during the workout.

-Massage gun application after training

Recover: After intensive training, your muscles are exhausted and heavily over acidified. Normally, your stressed muscles now need at least a 24-hour break to fully regenerate. With the help of the muscle massage gun, you can ensure that the lactate is broken down faster and thus ensure faster muscle regeneration. For a good recovery treatment, the electric massager should be aimed at the trained areas for 1.5 - 5 minutes at the lowest intensity level.

-Massage Gun application for sore muscles

The massage tube can help speed up the healing process for sore muscles. If the muscles are sore, you should be careful when using the muscle massage pistol. The sore muscles are nothing more than tiny tears in the deep muscle tissue.

The well-known burning sensation is triggered by the lactate in the torn muscles. Fitness beginners should exercise patience before jumping on the massage gun.

7. Who Should Buy A Massage Gun?

As we have now learned from the advantages, there are numerous reasons why you should buy a electric massager. But who is this body massager really suitable for? Who should buy a back massager?

  • Fitness athletes & strength athletes
  • Competitive athlete
  • Cyclist, Drivers with back pain
  • Physiotherapists & Chiropractors

-Massage gun for fitness athletes & competitive athletes (review)

Fitness athletes and high-performance sports players have always used a variety of methods to keep the muscle always ready and healthy and to accelerate the regeneration time of the muscles. Because what could be worse for a passionate athlete than to take a break due to muscular fatigue or injury! In addition to adequate sleep and healthy nutrition, which are a matter of course for professional athletes, there are other measures that are known to have a positive effect on the regeneration time of the muscles. Other examples are: ice baths, physiotherapy measures, saunas, acupuncture, active relaxation or meditation, to name just a few.

An athlete who pushes his body to the limit every day counts on reliable muscles, the best back massager for knots is now in the spotlight that promises athletes to regenerate their muscles faster. However, a healthy muscle also requires appropriate rest periods to deliver the best possible performance. The body massager can drastically shorten the rest phases, so that no training session has to be stopped due to sore muscles or other signs of fatigue.

-Massage gun for people with back pain (review)

The back massager is a perfect massage machine for normal people who want to treat their existing back pain and muscle tension.

People who have little exercise due to their work and usually even spend several hours on an un ergonomic office chair develop over time body misalignments, such as a rounded back. This deformity causes a regular chain reaction in the body, which can lead to chronic back pain, muscle tension and restricted freedom of movement.

Whether you are doing an office job or doing physically demanding work. Long sitting and heavy weight strains our muscles, and the lower back pain is particularly affected by wrong posture as well.

Fortunately, you can train and treat a rounded back. This back massager is particularly suitable for the treatment of such physical malpositions, as it penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and can thus effectively remove scar tissue, knots and tension .

-Massage gun for chiropractors & physiotherapists (review)

Body massagers are good auxiliary tools not only in private use. Especially when dealing professionally with people who have orthopedic and muscular problems, you can take the treatment methods to a new level and stand out from competing naturopaths and physiotherapists.

In America, where the back massager originated, this muscle gun has changed primarily from the professional treatment instrument of chiropractors and physiotherapists to the private massage machine of many professional athletes .

In many videos on YouTube you can see how chiropractors pretreat their patients with massage guns to loosen the muscles and then apply redeeming actions that lead to loud cracking noises of the joints. The percussion massager thus prepares the area to be treated for correction.

Even if the crackers sound very rabid, the relieved facial expressions of the patients speak a clear language after the treatment.

Massage guns are therefore not only useful tool for athletes, but also for chiropractors, other naturopaths and physiotherapists.

8. Popular brand comparison of budget massage gun

Best budget massage gun options

massage gun comparison















Speed & Power


Level 1 - 1500/25, level 2 - 1800/30. level 3 - 2800/46. Level 4 - 3200/55.

Level 1 - 1500/25, Level 2 - 2400/40. Level 3 - 3200/55.

Level 1 - 1740/29, level 2 - 2400/40.

Level 1 - 1800/30, level 2 - 2400/40. Level 3 - 3180/53

Level 1 - 2500/40







Stopping Force

45 lbs

60 lbs

40 lbs

Not  disclosed

75 lbs

Battery Life

Usage per Charge

300+ minutes

300+ minutes

60 minutes

120 minutes

40-60 minutes

Operating Noise


50 decibels

45 decibels

78 decibels

65 decibels

70 decibels



490g - 1.1 lbs

800g - 1.7 lbs

1.22kg - 2.7 lbs

1.36 KG - 3 lbs

1 kg 2.2 lbs























1 (Black + Silver)

1 - Grey

2 - Black or White

2 - Black or Silver

1 Black



Gift Box

Carry case

Carry case

Carry case

Carry case


Return Policy




 14 DAYS







90 Days

Coupon: Relxbit$50off

9. Why not poor quality of muscle massage guns?

Cheap massage guns also have the major disadvantage that they are less motorized. This means that no additional pressure can be exerted on your own. The electric massager stops when there is too much pressure on the area to be treated. The higher quality massage machines, on the other hand, also work with additional strength.

Especially with regular use of the massage pistol, the muscles gradually get used to the intensity of the trigger point therapy exercised by the machine. It is advisable to buy massage guns that have several intensity levels and also works when you apply additional pressure.

Beware: In the poor massage gun tests carried out, the Relxbit PRO, TheraGun and Hypervolt massage pistols were found to be particularly recommended! These continue to work without any problems even with additional effort.

10. What’s the difference between massage guns and other vibration massager?

What is special about massage guns? Surely they serve the same purpose as the vibrating massagers that can be bought for ages, right? Perhaps this is just a marketing gimmick of the fitness industry? No!

Massage guns, if you may put it that way, are the revised "jigsaw" version of vibration massagers. These handy muscle massagers deliver a direct, pulsating pressure that penetrates deep into your muscle tissue and provides relaxation. Comparable to a powerful sports massager, the Massage Gun relaxes the body in a rabid way. It shakes the muscle vigorously, preparing it for physical exertion. On top of that, the muscles are well supplied with blood due to the powerful impacts. If used correctly, the massage guns can even dissolve painful scar tissue caused by injuries during sports.

Conventional vibration massagers, on the other hand, do not penetrate your muscle tissue, but only provide relaxation on the surface. These massagers are primarily intended for athletes who are looking for an easier and more pleasant massage that they can relax with. Vibratory massagers are not particularly effective in addressing sore muscles because they cannot apply enough pressure to perform a deep tissue massage.

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