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What is percussion massage and how does it work?

What is percussion massage and how does it work?

January 22, 2020

What is percussion massage?

Percussion massage is also called massage gun, or sports massager, electric massager, handheld massager. It is an artifact to massage and relax the body. Many people use percussion massage guns to relax muscles after fitness or exercises. It can prevent fascia adhesion, relieve physical fatigue and soreness, and is very necessary for sports professionals.

The handheld massager is specially used for high-frequency impact physiotherapy. Compared with the use of foam shaft or vibration foam shaft to relax, the muscle and fascia gun technology for deeper and more precise relaxation of muscles and fascia. Some local muscles can cause adhesions after damage or high-intensity exercise. This is the way the body protects muscles. It is also a protective mechanism that hinders muscle recovery which is hard to reach by foam shaft or vibration foam shaft. The precise, high-frequency, and deep vibration of the handheld massager can break open the muscle adhesion, heat the muscles, activate the cells, and make the blood flow more smoothly, thereby speeding up muscle recovery and reducing lactic acid. After exercise, the effect can be obviously felt after 15-25 seconds for local muscles, but the real effect will be more obvious the next day.

The percussion massage can generate 2,000 vibrations of 3,000 times per minute, and help the muscle tissue relax and recover through the impact of the gun head on the target part of the body, even the role of blood circulation.

How does it work?

The working principle of the muscle fascia impact meter is actually high-frequency vibration. The high-frequency vibration stimulates various sensors in the muscle, muscle building, and joint capsule to reduce muscle-induced pain, increase the pain threshold, and promote blood circulation and lymphatic reflux. Promote tissue repair and growth, improve proprioceptive dysfunction, loosen scar tissue and reduce lactic acid accumulation. Another important selling point of percussion massage is that it can help deeper fascia relaxation effect. This may be difficult to do with foam shafts or manual relaxation. We usually have "slow" crickets that can have some effects. This high-frequency vibration uses the principle of muscle resonance to deeply strike and vibrate deep muscle tissue, which can even accelerate it. Blood circulation, relieve pain, accelerate recovery after injury, relieve fatigue.

Who are massage guns for?

As always, when you're searching & considering to use a new tool for muscle recovery, listen to your body. Whether you're a golf pro cruise around the course or amateur cyclist just go for a weekend ride to explore your city, if you are unsure if it is worth to pay for a therapy gun to handle your muscle soreness, consult a physical therapist. While muscle fatigue can be improved by the use of a massage gun, it is not always the solution for an injury or pain recover.

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