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Relxbit Pro Handheld Massager, Professional Percussion Massager


Relxbit Pro Massage Gun is the expertly-designed percussion massager that delivers serious results, allowing your body to relax, release and recover faster than ever. The combination of vibration and percussion therapy makes the massage machine a perfect addition to any athlete, golfer, therapist or fitness specialist’s recovery regimen.

👍10 Speed Mode in 2 button - 1800 to 3600 rpm high-frequency impact, either it’s muscle relaxation after exercise or office daily body massage, you can find the amplitude that relax your body and mind.
👍7 Hours Battery Life per 2.5h Charge- Ideal for professionals seeking to implement percussion and vibration therapy into their daily treatment regimens. Widely used as golf gadgets.
👍45 DB – Super Quite Vibration Technology

👍0.8 KG – High-toughness rubber and ultra-light glass fiber

Relxbit PRO body massage is professional grade percussion massager for athletes, therapists or fitness specialists. 

Relxbit PRO Massage Guns pros

  • Stronger Power: 3 gears from 1800 to 3600 rpm high-frequency impact, brings strong sturdy vibration, can penetrate 15mm deep muscle group, relaxing tight and stiff muscle from the inside out.
  • Smarter Design: No matter your age, your size or your sport, the Relxbit Pro provides professional-quality percussion massager to your muscles so that you're ready to train and play harder.
  • Longer Endurance: 4 * 2000mAh long life energy storage Li-battery, it lasts up to 7 hours in the daily 1st muscle activation mode, providing continuous and stable power.
    1. 7h – Level 1 - 1800rpm - Muscle activation
    2. 5.5h – Level 2- 2400 rpm – Fascia relaxation
    3. 4h – Level 3 - 3600 rpm – Depth massage
  • Lighter Weight: The combination of ultra-light glass fiber and a smaller, lighter high-performance motor, creates energy saving relaxation massage
  • Simple Operation: 10 speed models in 2 button. And a wireless handheld design, get rid of the chaotic wires, you can carry it to any occasion.
  • Intelligent Protection: It will turn off automatically when it's running over 10 minutes to avoid muscle damage.
  • Multi-Function Massage tools: 4 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax any muscle or body part soonest.
    1. Ball Head: Large Muscle Groups like Arms, Back, Hips etc
    2. Bullet Head: For Joints, Deep Tissue, Palm and Trigger Points
    3. Flat Head: All Whole Body Muscle relaxation
    4. Fork Head: For Neck, Spine and Achilles tendon

Relxbit PRO World-Class Service

Worry free: 30 days money back guarantee,

Warranty: 24 months free warranty, life time maintenance,

Shipping: Free & Fast shipping world wide

Secure Payment: Relxbit store equipped with SSL Secure and McAfee connection

Relxbit PRO Body Massager Reviews by influencers:

Relxbit PRO Body Massager Specification:

Product size: 180*62*238mm / Packing size: 220*110*260mm

N.W / G.W: 1.7 lbs ( 800g ) / 2.4 lbs ( 1.2Kg )

Battery: 2000mah / Charging time: 2 hour

Max Force: 60 lbs.

Vibrate frequency: 

Level 1: 1800rpm / Level 2: 2400rpm / Level 3: 3600rpm

Amplitude: 15mm

Standard lithium battery: 12V

Motor power: 110-120W

What's Included

  • Carry Case
  • Relxbit Pro Percussion Massager
  • User Manual + How to Use
  • 16.8v 0.8A Adapter
  • 4 Attachments: Ball head, Cylindrical head, Flat head, U shape head

Benefits of Relxbit PRO Percussion Massager:

Home office must be full of energy

Sitting at a desk for a long time makes the neck “stressful”? Paining heavy weights and feeling pain in the lower back? All these problems are handed over to Relxbit Pro muscle massage gun! Strong vibration directly hits deep massage which can quickly relieve muscle soreness and get rid of sedentary lower back, shoulder and neck pain caused by carrying heavy objects, improving muscle strain, drive away fatigue from the inside out, and inject energy into the body

Purchase the best Percussion Massager from our website, and achieve your goals without any pain and demotivation.

1) Decreases Muscle Tensions

The electric massager work like a miracle. Its percussion therapy allows it to be effective. Gymming or playing sports can be a tiring activity. It can lead to muscle damage and soreness, which might not help you perform optimally the next day. For this reason, a massage machine is imperative. Massage tools, therefore, do help you feel relaxed by releasing lactic acid and similar toxins, which reduces pain and stiff muscles. It allows you to feel more free, flexible, and ready for your upcoming physical activities. 

2) Regulates Blood Circulation

A vibration Percussion Massager applies pressure on the specified body part for a short duration allowing it to relax. A massage gun is not only a deep tissue massager but also helpful in regulating the blood flow within your body. By improving the blood circulation, you feel more active throughout the day. It also distributes an equal amount of oxygen to your body, which is a very healthy thing since you receive beneficial nutrients. The massage tools will, therefore, assist your body in achieving its ultimate goals. 

3) Makes You More Flexible 

By breaking down the muscle fibers, massage guns help you in flexibility. The results are even better if you also stretch at the gym. This is important because massage guns prevent your muscles from knots. It occurs when muscle fiber adhesion takes place. Knots are painful and bound you from practicing a full range of motions. Therefore, using a massage gun doesn't only tone your body but also prevents you from undergoing any sort of muscle damage.

4) A Quicker Way Of Warming Up

Since using a vibration massage gun makes you more flexible, the blood flow tends to improve immensely. A more regulated blood flow implies that your body warms up more quickly before any physical activity, such as a workout or a race. Therefore, a massaging gun gives you a sports massage, which allows you to warm up faster and perform excellently.   

5) Convenience

Booking an appointment with a regular massage parlour can be costly for many people. Because of that, not a lot of people focus on relaxing their muscles. A massage gun is a one-time purchase which gives effective results. It helps you train better and receive the body you've been dreaming of. Use it any time after your workout and feel the difference! 

The Relxbit PRO massage gun is not only effective but cheap enough for you to use and get the ultimate summer body you strive for!

It's the best percussion massager that highly recommended by Chiropractors.


    If I order today, how long will it take for my Relxbit PRO body massager to ship?

    Once your order is received and payment confirmed, your order will be shipped via the method chosen during checkout. Most in stock orders ship within 2 business days however, processing time may increase during heavy traffic times such as holidays.

    Pre-Order reservations will ship based on the estimation given at the time of purchase. Pre-Order reservation ship times are estimations and are subject to unforeseen delays. You are able to cancel your Pre-Order reservation and receive a full refund at any time prior to shipping.

    How much is shipping to my country and how long will it take to arrive?

    It’s free shipping. The price includes shipping worldwide. It will take 5~7 working days for free shipping and DHL fast shipping 3~5 days.

    Service and Warranty 

    Is there any warranty?

    Relxbit offers a warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of receipt. The warranty includes a defect in material or workmanship, Relxbit will replace or repair your device, or any necessary components, free of charge.

    If there is a problem with my Relxbit percussion massage, how will it be resolved?

    If you experience an issue with Relxbit and require technical assistance, our team of service techs are available to address your inquiry.

    If you require assistance please send an email containing details and any applicable pictures or videos of your issue to : We’ll respond within one business day.

    For issues that are unable to be resolved remotely, our service team may ship you parts for replacement free of charge of orders that are still in warranty, We offer a net cost for replacement outside of warranty.

    Is this actually quiet? I’m a medical massage therapist and can’t have something loud

    Relxbit It is not loud at all comparing to most of models in market. 48DB like refrigerator. 

    Which head should you use when massaging your neck/leg/back/chest?

    Ball Head: Large Muscle Groups like Arms, Back, Hips etc

    Bullet Head: For Joints, Deep Tissue, Palm and Trigger Points

    Flat Head: All Whole Body Muscle relaxation

    Fork Head: For Neck, Spine and Achilles tendon

    Can I travel with a Relxbit massage gun?

    Yes, it’s plane allowed, it’s 2400mah built-in Lithium-ion battery, much lower volume than a power bank

    General Questions on Relxbit percussion massager

    How to Use Relxbit PRO Body Massager?

    The Relxbit Pro is a powerful percussion massager delivers strong beats. Electric massage guns can be used before, during and after exercise in different ways: 2-3 minutes before training, 10-15 seconds during exercise at breaks or 20 minutes after playing sports to treat sore muscles

    Turn on the switch at the bottom and press start before placing it on the body, adjust the speed (force) to the finest mode suited for yourself

    How long or often should I use my Relxbit massage gun?


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