Terms & Conditions

Terms of 30 days money back guarantee

Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product, if you are not satisfied for the purchasing or arrived defective, Relxbit will provide a return service.

The Condition:

  1. Please ensure that the goods, accessories, instruction manuals and various packages are complete when returning or exchanging goods.
  2. Product damage (such as interruption, damage, etc.) caused by your personal reasons will not be returned, and only repair services will be provided.
  3. After you return and exchange, according to the specific product points principle of your return, your account points or coupon in Relxbit will increase or decrease accordingly.
  4. The return and exchange without quality problems need to be returned with freight on your side. Relxbit does not handle the cost of express return and does not support the issue of pay-to-pay service. Therefore, when you return and exchange mail, please pay the freight in advance.
  5. For 30 returns due to quality problems, Relxbit will pay the freight returned by the customer and refund within 15 working days after receiving the product.